Be a Star Polisher

Once upon a time a young girl prepared to begin a journey. She did not know where that journey would take her or who she would meet along the way, but she was full of excitement and ready. She had her Big Chief tablet in her hand and a head full of dreams of what she would become in life. Perhaps she would become a teacher or a principal or even an author. Perhaps she would fall in love, raise two boys, and become a grandmother. Perhaps she would have all of that and more. No one knew for sure what her future held, but many people along the way believed in her, saw potential in her, and helped her make her dreams come true. It would have been easy for those same people to look at the skinny, freckle-faced little girl with glasses from a middle-class family and decide she did not have much of a chance at college or a bright future, but they didn't. Her teachers and her parents believed in her. They helped her to believe that she could do anything she wanted to do if she worked hard and tried her best. Teachers and parents can make the difference in the lives of children, and this little girl was lucky enough of have some great role models. Lucky enough? I should say she was blessed with some wonderful people who were placed in her life at just the right time. Thank God for people who teach young souls and make a difference in the lives of dreamers. They are the ones who polish the unfinished and marred and make them believe they are on their way to becoming bright stars. And, once they become the shining stars, it is their turn to become the star polishers. Thus, the cycle continues and our world becomes a better place.

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