Peace on Earth

"Peace on earth, goodwill toward men."

I know it is not Christmas just yet, but how I wish this message could spread around the world. I realize there have always been wars, but our world has become more dangerous as our knowledge in science and technology has increased. With knowledge advancing every day, our world has become smaller and much more dangerous. Somewhere along the way, we've become over-sensitive and yet callous. We hide behind someone else’s words and thoughts while blasting our own feelings and thoughts through social media. We have admired and followed celebrities who sought fame and fortune while their egos have grown more rapidly than their bank accounts. We've made heroes out of those who sing well, run fast, and alter their appearance and gender while ignoring those who leave behind family and friends, stand bravely in times of combat, and endured a lifetime of injuries with little or no sympathy from those who stayed at home. We've lived peacefully in our own neighborhoods, worked at jobs to provide for our own needs, improved our lives with new this and that, and put blinders on so that we don't see what is actually happening in our all-to-often ugly world. Knowledge IS powerful. Not only do we need to use our knowledge of science and technology wisely, we need to re-read history in order to learn from the mistakes of the past.

This Thanksgiving I will thank God for His many blessings. I will fall to sleep counting my blessings and reflect on the beauties of this world. I will express my thankfulness for a wonderful husband and family that I love very much. I will count myself as one of the fortunate ones who have lived a “sheltered” life, and say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the men and women who have served in our military and for those who still serve today so I can live without military conflict in my neighborhood. I will be thankful for law enforcement first responders who risk their lives in order to save others. I will count living in a great nation that has allowed me opportunities to make myself a better person as one of biggest blessings.

Yes, peace on earth would be wonderful this holiday season, but I can only control what is happening in my own little world. Please join me as I change my focus from the gloom and doom to “all things bright and beautiful.” The good Lord has created much more to love than to hate. Let’s be truly thankful this Thanksgiving with the focus on THANKS.

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