Texas Wildflowers 2014

I was raised in Lubbock where the only wildflowers I remember seeing were dandilions in my front yard. It was when I moved to Hood County that I learned to truly appreciate bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and all of the other beautiful wildflowers that come alive in the spring. I still look for them to pop out every year, and I scan the roadside as I drive down the highways hoping to catch a glimpse of a field of flowers. Every April I get the urge to drive toward Fredericksburg so I can find a place to get out and walk among the beauty and appreciate the magnificent colors of the hillsides. The Texas hills were the perfect place for the early settlers to move into. They were full of clear water, green grass, colorful wildflowers, and boundless game. I can understand why the early settlers were anxious to claim some of the beauty for themselves and their families. How did you end up in Texas and why have you stayed?


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